UVPC Door Locks

UPVC door locks have become popular for many good reasons. If you have any problems with yours either at the office of at home, you can count on our company for professional services.

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If your UPVC locks at home or at the office need any kind of repair, let our company take care of the issue professionally. These locks are rather complex, and for that reason they need to be handled with care.

UPVC Lock Installation

These mechanisms are extremely complex as previously mentioned, yet it cannot be stressed enough. Each UPVC lock consists of three different locking mechanisms, so it is almost impossible for a burglar to tamper with it. However, if the lock has been installed incorrectly, it loses its many benefits. The lock must be perfectly fitted into the door, the mechanisms must be tested, and the door needs to be in perfect alignment. All of the above can be done with the help of a professional locksmith.UVPC Door Locks in United Kingdom

UPVC Lock Repair & Rekey Services

Having issues with your UPVC lock? It is natural after many years of use, or as a result of a burglary attempt (which was most likely unsuccessful if the lock was in proper shape before). It is also possible that your key has broken inside the lock, and must be carefully extracted. Another possible issue might be with the central lock mechanism itself, when you keep turning the key and the lock seems to turn with it.

It might sound rather frustrating, especially if it is a terribly rainy day or very late at night, but with our services at Locksmith Loughton you never have to worry! Our services are offered round the clock, and include lock repair, rekey, replacement and more!

Contact us at any time for fast response and professional solutions for your UPVC door locks.

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