How to Select a Digital Lock

How to Select a Digital Lock

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In effort to make properties more secure and yet more easily accessible for those with authorisation, many people choose digital locks for their business and home. Even though these devices are extensively featured in films, they are fairly new to the average property owner. That is why it is important to be prepared when you go shopping. Find out how to select the best digital device for you.How to Select a Digital Lock

Technology Comparison

Decide on the main access control technology - The main technology options include combination door locks with a keypad, smartphone-operated locking devices, devices operated with radio-frequency identification cards and biometric devices requiring fingertip recognition. When comparing technologies, you need to take into account the level of security that you require, the number of people that will have authorised access and the budget that you have. Most homes can be effectively protected with combination devices while business premises with highly restricted access may require biometric locks.

Consider locks with combined technologies - The devices that work with both a combination and a traditional key can provide a higher level of security and even easier access at the same time. If you forget the code, for instance, you will be able to use the key. At the same time, you will have more responsibilities. You must ensure that you will memorise the code and keep the key as safe as possible.

Assess special extra features - Decide whether these features increase the level of security and convenience and whether they offer good value for money. The keyless entry door locks with a digital camera, for instance, are designed to take photos of everyone who attempts to unlock the door. This plays the role of a small-scale CCCTV system.

Design and Make Evaluation

Choose the best lock design in line with your door - There are traditional mortice locks which are integrated into the panel and rim ones whose components are set on the two sides of the door. In order to make the right decision, you need to check the material the door is made of and the setup of the existing locking device. 

Determine the strength and dependability of the make - Check the material which the mechanical components are made from. Brass is the top option followed by steel. Look into the thickness and length of the bolts. The greater they are the better. Check the strike plate and its attachment to the wall. Longer nails allow for a higher level of security.

Evaluate the ease of use - Test the door lockset to find out how easy it is to lock and unlock and door and how easy it is to open and close as well. Look into the method for programming and evaluate its level of difficulty.

Buy a digital device from a reputable brand offering all-encompassing warranty.

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